December 5, 2022

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Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Final Worth”

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 / Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Final Worth”

A Downside observation: The right way to exclude weeks and months from the Flex Desk card that don’t seem to be but entire so customers don’t suppose the length over length numbers are comfortable?

A Answer Remark: This secret sauce lets in for a real week over week or month over month comparability by means of with the exception of the present week or month that hasn’t but finished.

Demo: Use a beast mode to dynamically restrict your knowledge to exclude the present week or month from the Flex Desk card.  Successfully this may trade Penultimate Worth to “Two weeks in the past” and Final Worth to “Final week” as an alternative of “Final week” and “Present week”.

My “Secret Sauce”: Create a beast mode named “Week Clear out” or “Month Clear out” with the next components.

NOTE: WEEKOFYEAR() serve as may also be substituted with MONTH() and `ACTIVITY_DATE` is your date knowledge box on your dataset.

This may increasingly give the present length a price of ‘0’ that you’ll then filter out on your card to be “No longer In” ‘0’. Your “Final Worth” on your Flex desk turns into ultimate week as an alternative of present week and your “Penultimate Worth” turns into two weeks in the past. Remember to trade your column names to be transparent within the Normal segment of the Chart Houses segment of your card!

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